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Join us for a day's hiking in the wonderful Swiss mountains!

COVID-19 pandemic

In the current circumstances, I’m very happy that I am still able to propose guided hikes for you, of course in strict compliance with Covid hygiene and social-distancing rules. The maximum number of participants per group will vary with the restrictions in force at different times and in the different cantons.

Please carefully read my updated Terms and Conditions before signing up.

I’ll look forward to seeing you again in the mountains soon!

Below are the dates and short descriptions of my forthcoming one-day guided hikes.

Dates and details are usually available about two months in advance.

The number of stars indicates the level of physical difficulty. All start and end points are accessible by public transport. Itineraries may vary depending on conditions and weather.

Simply click on the tour you’d like to join and use the “Book now” button to reserve your place. The deadline for signing up for an outing is 20.00 on the Thursday beforehand. Join my mailing list to receive full details for the day earlier in the week, including start time, meeting point, itinerary, practical checklist (for rucksack and clothes) and estimated finish time.



Heideweg_und_St._Petersinsel Sinenomine2 CC BY SA 3.0

Erlach & St. Petersinsel**

A gentle autumnal walk over the Jolimont to Erlach Castle and along the headland in Bielersee to the historic St Peter’s Island with its former… Read More »


Autumn in the Lavaux*/**

A scenic walk through the Lavaux UNESCO World Heritage site: terraced vineyards, picturesque villages and long views of Lac Léman. About 400 m of up,… Read More »

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