Hike grading

If you’d like to join us for any outing, first check that the up, down, walking time and technical difficulty match your levels of fitness and experience. If you have any doubt, just contact me. I’ll be glad to advise you!

Physical difficulty

*                               up to 400 m ↑ and ↓       + up to                4 h of walking, excluding breaks
**                                       400–800 m            + up to                5 h
***                                      800–1200 m         + up to                6 h
****                                    >1200 m                                          >6 h

Technical difficulty

Technical difficulty, T1–T3 in summer and WT1–WT2 in winter (Swiss Alpine Club grading), depends on the precise itinerary we take. For one-day hikes, I will announce this the week beforehand in the detailed hike description that I send to everyone on my mailing list. For multi-day summer tours, you’ll find the T1–T3 grading already mentioned for each tour.